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With a long list of credits from Broadway to film and television, my focused inclination for visual storytelling has been fostered over many years. I’m always searching to Illuminate new stories through movement, finding the pulse of the piece, the way to ignite.

Any opportunity to use my voice authentically, as a Latina artist excites me. I yearn to share my unique perspective in storytelling, finding the chemistry between my extensive classical training while tapping into the full diaspora of Latin dance.

Christmas In Hell Poster

Christmas in Hell — Director/Choreographer Lorna Ventura


On Christmas Eve, eight-year-old Davin is mistakenly taken down to Hell. When he returns, not only has he missed Christmas, but he is devilishly changed. To set things right, his father embarks on a hilarious and outrageous odyssey that eventually leads him down to Hell, where he makes a wager with the Devil he can't possibly win.

Billions S6.png

Billions Season 6 — As Mike Prince takes his place on the Axe Cap throne, Chuck Rhoades is determined that no one should have that much wealth – or that much power. With stakes higher than ever, all the power players seek out new alliances as kingdom goes up against kingdom.

Outside In (Quarantine).png

Outside-in (Quarantine Session) — Director/Choreographer Lorna Ventura


A look at individual intimate experiences in isolation, revealing different perspectives and storylines, told through visceral movement and dance, ultimately finding a collective expression that comes through this stirring and powerful music video.

How We Love_F_ck.png

How We Love/F*ck — A new play from powerhouse playwright/actor Lillian Isabella, Directed by Lorna Ventura at the Cherry Lane Theatre

A sex-positive theatre piece in response to the #MeToo movement, exploring "sexual agency, the healing power of ecstatic experience, and the importance of sharing this new understanding with the world.

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