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With a long list of credits from Broadway to film and television, my focused inclination for visual storytelling has been fostered over many years. I am always searching  to illuminate new stories through movement, I look for the pulse of the piece, the heartbeat. I am equally excited by a tender moment on stage or a complex film sequence, I lead with passion and humor while I search for the balance and clarity in every beat.

 I look to combine raw, explosive movement with subtle pedestrian transitions to inform moments where characters move because they must, because it is the only logical progression to ultimately support and elevate the story.

Outside In (Quarantine).png

Outside-in (Quarantine Session) — Director/Choreographer Lorna Ventura


"A look at individual intimate experiences in isolation, revealing different perspectives and storylines, told through visceral movement and dance, ultimately finding a collective expression that comes through this stirring and powerful music video."

Billions S6.png

Billions Season 6 — As Mike Prince takes his place on the Axe Cap throne, Chuck Rhoades is determined that no one should have that much wealth – or that much power. With stakes higher than ever, all the power players seek out new alliances as kingdom goes up against kingdom.

How We Love_F_ck.png

How We Love/F*ck — A new play from powerhouse playwright/actor Lillian Isabella, Directed by Lorna Ventura at the Cherry Lane Theatre

A sex-positive theatre piece in response to the #MeToo movement, exploring "sexual agency, the healing power of ecstatic experience, and the importance of sharing this new understanding with the world."

Women On Fire III.png

Women on Fire: Stories from the Edge — A Global Theatre performance series curated by Cheryl Weisenfeld.


A vibrant message to impart to young women today, an energizing evening of well-directed and performed monologues surrounded by excellent dancers, who weave throughout the taut 80-minute performance, providing wisdom, beauty, and even some comic relief from our current political climate.

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